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Ukraine is a friendly country with peace loving people. The cost of studying Medicine, Engineering & Business/ Management is much lower than the western countries, nevertheless quality is not compromised. Students can enjoy a lot of facilities provided to them as Ukraine is very much friendly to the foreign students who are investing in their country. Cost of living is also very low, even compared to Western Countries.Looking at this scenario, We has exploited this opportunity and offers you to recruit your bona fide students in renowned Universities of Ukraine where Medicine, Engineering & Business/ Management can be taught in English with same soul and spirit as elsewhere in Western Europe or USA but at lower cost Welcome International Students to Ukraineyour gateway to successUkraine, is opening itself up to foreign relations. As part of the Ukraine government's aggressive moves to participate in a globalized world, it is also currently welcoming international students who want to avail of the education offered by its many world-class colleges and universities. If you are one of these students who are interested in getting an education from Ukraine, then here are the nine things you must know. {C}1.     {C}Degrees in Ukraine are at par with those from other European countries. Ukraine universities and colleges provide their students with high-quality education under an international faculty. The undergraduate, masteral and doctorate degrees that students will get from them are equal, if not better than, those from those in other European countries, since all European universities and colleges are obliged to follow the same set of standards as outlined by the European Union and other international bodies overlooking education.{C}2.     {C}Ukraine universities offer internationally-recognized programs, such as those certified by the World Health Organization, the European Council and the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization.{C}3.     {C}Educational programs in Ukraine lasts between two to five-six years. Four years are usually needed to get a bachelor's degree, and an additional one or two years to get a master's degree.{C}4.     {C}Educational institutions use Ukrainian or Russian, as well as English, as the medium of instruction. While everyday conversation is usually in the local language, Ukraine's drive towards attracting more international students and the influx of international faculty had caused most Ukraine educational institutions to introduce entire programs delivered in English.{C}5.     {C}While English had become quite commonly used within educational institutions, Ukraine universities do not require international applicants to pass any English test, such as the IELTS or TOEFL before they can be accepted. However, may avail of academic and/or language support from their respective universities if you find it hard to follow the lessons in English, Ukrainian and/or Russian.{C}6.     {C}Most Ukraine universities and colleges do not accept online applications, although many of them make the details of their programs and the application process easily available through their representative's websites. If you are interested in a particular Ukraine university, don't hesitate to contact us.{C}7.     {C}Universities in Ukraine require that all documents submitted by the students during the application and subsequent processes be translated into Russian, English and/or Ukrainian language, then notarized.{C}8.     {C}Most universities in Ukraine oblige international students to pay the tuition and fees in full for their first year before the term begins. After that (for the second year onwards), though, most universities already accept installment payments from international students. The fees usually include tuition fees and school miscellaneous, but may or may not include accommodation, books and other reading materials, depending on the university's individual policy.studying  in Ukraine Universities:  The training of students in ukrainian universities takes place at  very high level and Ukrainian degree is recognized all over the world including Europe, UK, USA, Asia, and Africa. In 2005, Ukraine joined the Bologna process at the Conference of European Ministers in Bergen. This  resolution directed at strengthening relations between European universities. This resolution included such steps as mutual acknowledgement of diplomas and exchange of students, teachers and scientists among the European universities. Medical/mbbs degree from Ukrainian medical universities is in English and recognized and approved by WHO, UNESCO, PLAB(UK), USMLE(USA),MCI,MCC,ECFMG, throughout EU and different International Organizations. No Exams or English test required for international students, only basic knowledge of English is needed and 50% marks in higher schools needed. Tuition fees can be paid by the students on arrival and can be paid semester wise as well, Tuition fees is very low,cost effective, compared to any other European country .Study medicine in ukrainian university or study mbbs in ukrainian university is 70% cheaper then other eu countries or usa,canada,uk,australia. The US MD program course (equivalent to MBBS) cost around USD 160,000-200,000. While a student can complete medical degree from Ukrainian universities or MBBS course in ukrainian medical university is the cheapest in the world and in English, for 6 years,for only USD 30,000 – 40,000. Live and Study in Ukraine is less expensive,cheap, compared to nearby countries.It has European life standard still everyday expences is half the price of any nearby eu countries . Ukrainian medical and engineering universities emphasize on Practical phase in Teaching, leads to better job prospects in europe, india, America or any third world country. Ukrainian climate is wonderful round around the year, you will not feel seek here and surrounding nature is beautiful which leads to peace of mind during Study in Ukraine. The teaching faculy is highly qualified and of internation level,Outstanding International teaching Faculty. Compared with some universities or colleges in US, CANADA,UK, Europe, even India and Africa, it is so easy to get admission in the top rank ukrainian universities or best medical university  to study MBBS/medicine. Students in Ukraine enjoy Best Transportation systems in Europe by travelling through fast trains, luxurious buses, trams, underground metro, trolly bus, and even walking through beautiful parks or lakes. Students enjoy international exposure during studying in ukrainian medical and engineering universities. When you study in Ukrainian universities, you are likely to find yourself meeting students from all over the world. Every medical university has more then 10 government hospitals for practical training and internships. All the Ukrainian hospitals have the most advanced european-standard medical instruments and also lots of patient beds. Students who are studying in Ukrainian universities take advantage of enrichment of experience through Visiting Professors from renound universities of  USA ,CANADA ,UK,AUSTRALIA,POLAND,GERMANY,SWEDEN etc. International Students,who are studying in different Ukrainian universities can visit other European cities in Seminars/Symposia/Project Work, etc. While studying in Ukrainian universities students can take benefit of Bilateral Student Exchange Program with different Universities in Germany , Sweden , Finland , Check Republic , Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, finland etc. International Students can enjoy part time jobs during studies in Ukrainian university and  three Months' Summer Jobs during vacation in countries i.e. U.K. ,USA, SWEDEN,FINLAND and other E.U. countries. Chances of Permanent Residence & Settlement in other European countries, USA,CANADA,AUSTRALIA after completion of study program in Ukraine in English in ukrainian universities. Ukraine is a peaceful European country  with social harmony and good public security. Here international students enjoy high level of social security and European life standard, the ukrainian government takes a tough stance on crime and law and order. The Ukrainian university officials  also takes special care to provide international students with a safe study and living environment on campus.Study MBBS/medicine in ukrainian universities is the cheapest,best,cost effective then the other countries like china,russia or bulgaria. Check details on ,