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"ACME International are manufacturer and Supplier of the Scientific And Industrial Testing machine like Soil Testing Machine, Direct Shear Apparatus, Plate Bearing Test Apparatus, CBR Test Apparatus, Unconfined Compression Test Apparatus, Material Testing Machine, Survey testing equipments, Bitumen/Asphalt Testing Machine, General Laboratory Testing machine.

We also manufacture
• Cube/Compression Testing Machine
• Vibrating Machine
• Los Angeles Abrasion Testing
• Impact Value Testing Machine
• Concrete Test Hammer
• Material Testing Equipments
• Fatigue Testing Machine
• Universal Testing Machine
• Torsion Testing Machine
• Pendulum Impact Testing Machine
• Core Drilling Machine
• Marshall Stability & Compaction
• Bitumen Extractor
• Ductility Testing Machine
• Humidity Cabinet
• Hot Air Oven
• Standard Test Sieves
• Wrist Action Shaker
• Muffle Furnace