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SAP SD related ABAP,HR CORPORATE TRAINING in BANGALORE, Please Contact Sreeram: 0919686148888.SAP SD ABAP Course content 1Introduction to SAPIntroduction to ERPOverview of SAPSAP modules at a Glance 2ABAP Data TypesCharacterIntegerNumeric CharacterFloating PointPacked DecimalsTimeDate, Strings 3Loops & BranchesDo, Do n times, WhileIf, If Else, if Ladder, CaseSmall ProgramsFactorial programIndentationCode InspectorExtended Program CheckDebugging 4Structures & Internal TablesOver View of StructuresSimilar Structures creationDifferent StructuresDifferent structures with Extra FieldsOver View of Internal TablesSimilar Internal tables creationDifferent Internal tablesDifferent Internal tables with Extra FieldsModify Operation on Internal TableDelete Operation on Internal TablesSorting Of internal tables ( Sort)Searching Techniques Of internal Table5Landscape & SAP R/3 Architecture Landscape ModelOverview of R/36Normalization & Select Statements Over view of NormalizationSelect StatementsLogical operatorsSelect Single & Up to 1 rowsNested Select queriesFor all EntriesJoin StatementsInner join & Left Outer Join 7Modularization TechniquesOver view of ModularizationMacrosIncludesSubroutinesFunction Modules8Selection Screen DesignOver View of Selection ScreenSelection Screen elements9Data Dictionary Creation of Data Base TableCreation of DomainsCreation of Data typesCreation of ViewsCreation of StructuresCreation of Type poolsCreation of Search HelpCreation of Lock objectsCreation of table maintenance10User Exists Over viewCross Applications11RFCOver view of CACreation of RFCFetching Data Using RFCARFC & TRFC12 LSMW13ALE / IDOC’s14  SAP Querycontact num:0919686148888