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SAP PS,HR CORPORATE TRAINING in BANGALORE, Please Contact Sreeram: 0919686148888.Course Content & Duration:   40 Hours Ø  Create Project Structure & Work Breakdown StructuresØ  Create Network ActivityØ  Create Project Plan (Cost Planning & Project Planning Board)Ø  Create Requisitions & Purchase Orders for WBSØ  Complete Network ActivityØ  Settle Network Activity to WBSØ  Settlement to Asset under ConstructionØ  Run Project ReportsØ  Create Final Settlement RulesØ  Project Closeout and Final Settlement SAP PS Training (Project Systems) SAP Project Systems involves managing large projects (sub-projects) including budgeting, execution, management, costing, simulations, sales & services. This module involves and touches most areas of Logistics and Finance. Ø  Introduction·         Project Management / Project System·         Project types & PS·         Planning Types ·         Project Vs Project System·         Integration with Other modules Ø  Structures·         Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)·         Network·         Activities·         Relationships·         Sub networks·         Milestones·         Standard structures·         Project Builder·         Project planning board·         Structure Planning·         Mass Change·         Status Management Ø  Dates·         Types of Dates·         Settings for Scheduling Parameters·         Presentation of Dates in the Graphics·         Scheduling Functions·         Dates in the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)·         Scheduling the Work Breakdown Structure·         Network Scheduling·         Scheduling the Overall Network·         Overall Network Scheduling with Selection Option·         Scheduling with Service/Maintenance Orders Ø  Costs·         Cost Planning·         Orders for Projects·         Project Cost Forecast·         Budget Management for Projects·         Availability Control·         Commitments Management (CO)·         Funds Commitment (Cost Centers, Internal Orders, Projects)·         Automatic and Periodic Allocations Ø  Revenues and Earnings·         Billing Plans in WBS Elements·         Project-Related Incoming Orders·         Transfer Prices for Projects·         Sales Pricing and Quotation Creation Ø  Payments·         Project Cash Management·         Manual Payment Planning·         Calculating the Payment Flow Automatically·         Recording Actual and Commitment Payment Data Ø  Resources·         Capacity Leveling in the Project System·         Executing Capacity Leveling (PS)·         Workforce Planning·         Materials·         Procurement Management·         Material Assignment to Networks·         Activating Requirements·         Material Availability Check·         Activating Requirements·         Material Assignment to Standard Networks·         Project Stock·         Grouping for Individual Project Planning·         Bill of Material Transfer·         Delivery from Projects·         Monitoring Dates·         Assembly Processing in the Project System·         Project-Oriented Procurement (ProMan) Ø  Confirmation·         Confirmation Directly in the Project System·         PS-CON Ø  Simulation·         Creating Simulation Versions·         Transfer of Operative Data and Simulation Data·         Evaluating Simulation Versions Ø  Versions·         Project Version·         Simulation Versions Ø  Period End Closing·         Settlement·         Result AnalysisContact num:0919686148888