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Santosh Yadav Advocates offer affordable Legal Services in the field of Criminal Law and Intellectual Property theft, from their Law Chambers in located in Andheri East Mumbai and relevant information on the services available are on website

Santosh Yadav Advocates provide quality advice in criminal cases and easy access to valued assistance in matters of Criminal Law. Course of action advisory on Intellectual Property theft, misdemeanors and other acts as defined in the statutes relating to Criminal Law provided. Services include but not limited to Filing Criminal complaints at appropriate forums, appropriate jurisdictions & assistance in drafting & initiating Police complaints under prevalent provisions of the Law. Assistance in Court trials also provided.

Santosh Yadav Advocates have established relationships with lawyers and law firms across the City that enables them to provide multi-jurisdictional service & advice. For related information please visit our Website:

Contact Email: Tel: 91 – 7666821203 Andheri East Mumbai