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R12 Oracle Order Management FundamentalsTraning at learningleaning hub Magarpatta city /FC Road Pune ( 91-93257-93756) www.learninghub.co.in   Oracle Order Management Funamentals   R12 Oracle Order Management FundamentalsDuration: 40 hoursWhat you will learnThis course will be applicable for customers who have implemented Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.In this course, students learn about the basic order capture and order fulfillment flows that Oracle Order Management facilitates, and also learn how to perform setup steps, including transaction type, document sequence, order import, and hold setup, that enable these flows.Students learn how to perform the Oracle Inventory setup steps that support Oracle Order Management, including how to create sub inventories, units of measure, and items. Students also learn how to perform required Oracle Receivables setup steps, including how to create customers, payment terms, and territories, and how to define credit checking. The course includes information about how to enable multiple organization access control (MOAC) specifically for Oracle Order Management.In addition, the course includes details about how to setup up basic Pricing and Shipping Execution functionality, and also provides details about price lists, modifiers, qualifiers, and shipping-related activities. The course includes practices that train students how to setup the functionality described in the class. Learn To:Set up Oracle Order ManagementManage exceptions and holdsUse key order flowsSet up Shipping Execution and basic Pricing functionalityPrerequisitesEducational qualification: B.E/MBA/MCADomain experience of Supply Chain ManagementCourse ObjectivesDefine item orderability rulesExplain shipping flows within the order-to-cash lifecycleSet up and use shipping entities to perform shipping-related activitiesSet up multiple organization access control for Oracle Order ManagementDefine subinventories, units of measure, and itemsCreate available-to-promise rulesDefine customers, invoice information, and credit checkingSet up profile options and system parametersSet up processing constraints, defaulting rules, and transaction typesUse scheduling and workflowCreate and use price lists, modifiers, qualifiers, and price booksDefine holdsPurge ordersManage exceptionsExecute the order-to-cash lifecycle with different order typesCourse TopicsIntroduction to Oracle AppsOverview of Oracle Order ManagementOverview of Oracle Order ManagementWhat is Oracle Order Management?Order Capture and Order FulfillmentOracle Order Management CapabilitiesOrder to Cash LifecycleIntegration with Other ProductsMultiple Organization Access Control SetupOrganization Structure in Oracle ApplicationsMulti-Org Access Control (MOAC)Using MOAC in Oracle Order ManagementSetting Up MOACOracle Inventory Setup for Oracle Order ManagementReceipt to Issue LifecycleInventory OrganizationsSetting Up LocationsInter-organization Shipping NetworksUnit of Measure ConversionsOrder Management Item AttributesItem RelationshipsOracle Receivables Setup for Oracle Order ManagementOverview of Trading Community ArchitectureKey Customer Related Concepts in TCAAdding Customers in Order ManagementDefining Payment TermsDefining Territories in ReceivablesDefining Invoice Sources (Batch Source) – Automatic Transaction NumberingOracle Order Management Setup StepsOverview of Quick Code or Lookup TypesOverview of Transaction Types WindowWorkflow in Transaction TypesSetting up Processing ConstraintsDefining Defaulting and Item Order ability RulesSetting up Versioning and Audit HistoryAuto-Schedule and Delay Schedule Profile OptionsDefining Credit Usage Rule SetsHolds, Order Purge, and Exception Management SetupSeeded HoldsGeneric HoldsSpecifying Holds FrameworkOrder and Quote PurgePurge SetsBasic Pricing SetupOverview of Pricing in the Order to Cash ProcessCreating a Price ListSecondary Price ListCopy Price ListPrice List Maintenance: OverviewAdd Items to Price ListImplementation Steps: Setting Key Profile OptionsOverview of Shipping ExecutionShipping Execution FlowDelivery and Delivery LinesTrips and StopsDelivery LegShip ConfirmShipping Execution SetupGranting Roles To UsersFreight CarriersTransit TimesDelivery Compliance ScreeningRunning Pick ReleasePick Slip Grouping RuleAuto Create DeliveriesRelease Sales Orders for Picking WindowOrder Entities and Order FlowsOrder to Cash Lifecycle with Standard ItemsOrder to Cash Lifecycle with PTO Models and PTO KitsDrop ShipmentsDrop Shipments across LedgersBack-to-Back OrdersManaging IR-ISO ChangesSales AgreementsNegotiation Agreement   Please Contact- Learning Hub,S-12,Destination Centre,2nd Floor, Above HDFC Bank,Next to Noble Polyclinic,MAGARPATTA CITY,PUNE – 411013,PH: 91- 93257-93756.Skype id : learning.hub01Email: learninghub01@gmail.comwww.learninghub.co.in