Pressurized Solar Water Heater in Delhi and all over India


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Description Split Solar Hot Water heater provided by Sanicon is a combination of TINOX coated flat plate collector (FPC) and glass lined storage tank. TINOX coating is a selective absorption coating wherein Titanium is sputtered over to collector and then renders absorption efficiency of at least 95% (amongst the best). Quartz act as a binder and protection layer over Titanium thus improving its life span, thus TINOX.A split solar water heater provided by sanicon has the flexibility of the collectors located at one location and hot water storage tank at different location. So the tank is not always mounted on the top of the collectors.It is a quite flexible system which while generating hot water doesn’t creates an issue with aesthetics of the building in form of huge and bulky looking solar hot water storage tank. At the same time the system never looses its efficiency.For More Details:  Email:        ranjeeta@sanicon.inPhone no     :             (91)-9810858062