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   PLANT Course Content Traning at learning hub Magarpatta city /FC Road Pune ( 91-93257-93756) PLANTCourse Content  PLANT Course Content at Learning Hub1: Introduction To Process Commander 1 Hr 15 Min (Day1)What is BPM?Why PLANT?CompetitorsPRPC Architecture and PRPC UsageSix "R's"2: Application Architecture 1 Hr 15 Min (Day2)Application ServerJava and Java Enterprise EditionMulti-Tiered ArchitectureCommon Rule typesPRPC Terms Open PRPC through different IDs and examinig the   portalsExamining Rules using Process CommanderPortals and Basic rules  examining the different type of portals andbasic rule of pega3: Understanding Work Class Structure 1 Hr 15 Min (Day3)Classs / ObjectsWork Pool ,Work GroupClass Inheritance4: Building Class structures 1 Hr 15 Min (Day4)Understanding Class StructureDesigning Class HierarchyCreate a New ClassCreating new class5: Understanding Properties and Data Classes 1 Hr 15 Min (Day 5)Property ModeProperty Types / Standard Properties6: Creating Property and Model Rules 1 Hr 15 Min (Day 6)Page, Repeating LayoutsCreate New PropertyWhat is Model, Model Chaining Creating New Property, Model and Create New Model7: Introducing Process Flows 1 Hr 15 Min (Day 7)Flows  and Different types of shapes in flowBuilding Flow RulesEdit a Flow using Visio Open a flow using flow editor and made some changes and see the impact in our application8: User Interface and Components of User Interface 1 Hr 15 Min (Day8)Building the user interfaceEnhancing the User interface Creating new UI components9: RuleSet and Security Overview 1 Hr 15 Min (Day9)RuleSet/RuleSet Versions Create RuleSetApplication Rule Create ApplicationAccess Group Create Access GroupOrganization Hierarchy/Operator ID Creating own Organization Operator IDsAdvanced Topics10: Debugging Tools 1 Hr 15 Min (Day 10)TracerClipboard With the help these tools, debug our applicationRules Inspector11: Declarative Rules 1 Hr 15 Min (Day 11)Constraints and Declare ExpressionDeclare Index First examine the built in rule, than create your own declareexpressionDeclare On ChangeDeclare TriggerForward and back word Chaining12: Validation 1 Hr 15 Min (Day12)Client-side ValidationServer-side ValidationConstraints Create Validate RuleEdit Validate and Validate13: Using Decision Rules 1 Hr 15 Min (Day13)When ConditionDecision Tree Create decision tableDecision Table and Map Value14: Using Activities 1 Hr 15 Min (Day 14)Purpose:  Open an Activity and understand the purpose of each and part of ActivtyComponent of ActivityActivity Types: Create an Activity and use them in our Application15: Pega RULES Database and Obj- Methods 1 Hr 15 Min (Day 15)Various Obj- Method and RDB- methodsReportsList View and Summary View16: Integrating Process Commander Applications Services 30 Min (Day16)Connectors and Data Mapping17: Documenting and Saving your Work 1 Hr 15 Min (Day 17)What Is DocumentingHow It does help Create your application document through documentwizardAutomatic Document Generation tool in Pega18Pega Methodology and Guardrails 1 Hr 15 Min(Day18)Implementation MethodologyDirect Capture ToolsApplication AApplication ProfilerTest Management FrameworkProject Management FrameworkStages of Pega System approach19 Revision 1 Hr 15 Min (Day 19)Doubts20 Building an application 1 week21:Certification Preparation 2 weeks22 CSA Exam 70 mins Please Contact- Learning Hub,S-12,Destination Centre,2nd Floor, Above HDFC Bank,Next to Noble Polyclinic,MAGARPATTA CITY,PUNE – 411013,PH: 91- 93257-93756.Skype id : learning.hub01Email: