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We netsworld Insect Screens are offering mosquito-nets with removable facility for reasonable prices. Rates charged on square feet basis (all inclusive of labor, delivery fitting charges) We provide best service with neat & clean instalation. For free quotation call us on : 91 9003213010 Our Insect screens windows are made to measure.No matter what type of windows you have, we manufacture customizable insect screen to suit your needs. Types of Products are :Velcro with fiber mesh (Saint Gobain)Aluminum frame windows with Fiber meshAluminum Frame windows with Stainless steel mesh (304 grade - Micro Mesh).Door type with fiber & Stainless steel mesh. mosquito net dealer is detachable and washable. NETLON eradicates regular investment for staying free from mosquitoes. NETLON has brought a frenzy solution for escaping from both suffocation and irritation from coils. NETLON is available in various colours, such as blue, ivory, green, pink, biscuit, brown, white, black, grey etc. NETLON has friendly environment and allows free passage of air and sunlight which gives feelings of freshness in your room. NETLON screen prevention is better than cure of malaria. Install NETLON at your house and keep your windows open during dusk when mosquito raj starts Netlons for mosquitoes & Insect screen - Netlon insect screens will be Easily fixed with hooks, looping tapes on the windows. Easy to fix in any kind of windows like wooden, aluminium and steel windows. Easy to Wash. Free air flow. ·Velcro type Fiber-glass mesh & Stainless Steel Mesh (304 Grade with Micro Mesh) ·30% dust reduction. ·Allows fresh air & natural light for good health into your home. . ·Washable, strong and durable. Windows Frame Model (Openable): Our hinged openable windows are insect screens with single or double hinged shutters. These screens are flexible and easily openable providing full protection against pests and mosquito control. They are manufactured to give a remarkable ease-of-use, are light and can be used effortlessly with existing windows shutters. Our hinged window screens have special features Hinged window insect screens provide complete insect protection. Its unique shutter design allows for maximum maneuverability, operational ease and low maintenance. The screens of the insect screens are made with imported fibre mesh. The fibre mesh comes in a range of colours such as grey, black, white and brown. The frame of the hinged window screen comes in a choice of colours that includes off-white, black and powder-coated brown. These window screens are also available in special colours upon request. These hinged screens are ideally suitable for home windows and openings in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens. Bring the Views & Fresh air into your home. . Keep those inset Phone: 9003213010 / 9003131893 Services Available Districts: Chennai, & other Tamil Nadu Districts