NdFeB Magnets and Ferrite Magnets


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NdFeB Magnets are the strongest magnets ever made. Nowadays a key functional material in the modern industry, NdFeB Magnets are known for their superior performance in comparison to traditional Magnets.
Their usage ranges from auto motors and wind generators to daily life products such as mobile phones and computers.
Currently we are manufacturing the following types of NdFeB Magnets, available in every magnetized direction:
N35-N52, N30M-N50M, N30H-N48H, N30SH-N45SH, N28UH-N40UH, N28EH-N38EH, N30AH-N35AH

Ferrite Magnets consist of iron oxide which is chemically combined with additional elements. This type of magnet is both ferrimagnetic and electrically non-conductive so it can be used to either magnetize or be attracted to a magnet. An advantage of the Ferrite Magnet is that it is corrosion free, leading to a great long term performance.
We offer Ferrite magnets ranging from CYC28 to CYC37B (440mT).