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SAP Product Life Cycle Management COURSE CONTENTDownload PDFOverview of the Business Processes: Overview of my SAP PLM with the key functional areas:Program and project managementLife-Cycle Data ManagementLife-Cycle CollaborationEnterprise asset managementQuality managementEnvironment, Health & Safety2. Document Management Functions:Using the document info recordObject links to other SAP R/3 objectsManaging original filesStorage of Original files in secure areasCAD-integrationDocument distributionCustomizingInternet Scenarios3. Configuring, maintaining and using the system to classify objects:Characteristics maintenanceClass maintenanceObject classificationOptions for using the classification system to find objectsClass hierarchies and characteristic inheritanceObject dependencies in classificationCustomizing, including maintaining class types and classifiable object typesApplications of classification4. Complex Plant Maintenance projects (such as shutdowns or revisions) in Enterprise Asset Management:Course Content Planning & budgeting Scheduling & capacity planningExecution Response to changes Completion and analysis Notes5. Plant Maintenance in Enterprise Asset Management and SAP solution portfolio:Organization of Plant MaintenanceTechnical objectsBreakdown maintenanceCorrective maintenanceSpare partsPreventive maintenance (maintenance plan)Project-oriented maintenance (short overview)Work clearance management (short overview)Mobile solutions (short overview)Reporting and analysis6. Structuring and Managing Technical Objects:Structuring of Functional LocationsUsing, Classifying and Customizing EquipmentUsage of Maintenance Bills of MaterialsCustomizing for Bills of MaterialWorking with and customizing Serial NumbersMeasuring Points and CountersObject ServicesPartners and AddressesStatus ManagementWarranties7. Schedule Work and Maintenance PlanningTask List Management & CustomizingSingle Cycle Maintenance PlanningMaintenance Planning with Strategy: Time-Based Maintenance StrategyStrategy Plan Scheduling (Time-Based)Maintenance Planning with Strategy: Performance-BasedMaintenance Plan Scheduling (Performance-Based)Maintenance Planning with Cycles of Different DimensionsMaintenance-Plan-Based Sales of ServicesCondition-Based MaintenanceMaintenance-Plan-Based Test Equipment Management8. Customizing settings for Maintenance Processing.User Interface: SAP GUI, Enterprise Portal, Mobile SolutionsNotification Category and TypeConfiguration of the Notification InterfacePriorities, Field Selection and Object InformationCatalogs and Catalog ProfilesSetting up an Order Type, Work Center, Capacity PlanningScheduling, Permits, Workflows, PrintingMaterial Availability CheckCompletion ConfirmationCATS9. Integration between Maintenance Order Processes and Financial and Management AccountingCost flow in the maintenance process (estimated costs, planned costs, actual costs)Period end closing process for maintenance orders including settlementBudgeting and cost planning (individual budgets, maintenance projects, investments, maintenance budgets)Plant Maintenance Information System (info structure, update)Key figures and queries in Business Information Warehouse (BW) relevant to Plant Maintenance10. Work Clearance Management:Overview of Work Clearance ManagementAsset StructuringWork Clearance Management ArchitectureApproval and Permit Process