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Welcome to PlayPokerGuru, the most trusted, user-friendly and easy to use the website in India. We offer adorable gaming experiences to play poker online as well as offline to our amazing customers. Our main aim to provide you an exciting and smooth poker games experience along with our 24*7 customers to solve your queries on the dot. The best part of our playpokerguru, we have a portion for a beginner like how to play poker blogs, tips and much more. These all tips will help you to play poker game very smoothly. There are more than 90 varieties of poker games in this world. Most of the varieties are rarely played, some have gathered a huge amount of fans. Mostly 10 games are often played as major poker. The most popular poker is Texas Hold’em Poker. This game is mostly played on the internet. Some of other famous poker games like the HORSE, Stud, and Omaha are very popular these days. The biggest real money poker room, Playpokerguru have decided to take it to the next level to deal with this fight against the artificial players in the world of online poker. They have issued a number of guidelines to its online users to being continued to be able to play poker on their website. One of such guidelines include getting a video recording of their session while playing, this first and foremost is the contradiction to the concept of online gaming. PlayPokerGuru provides Poker variants and online poker tournament in India. You can find here Poker rooms where Indian poker players enjoying real cash poker tournaments. Drop a text or call on Saurabh Jain +91-9999924385 at Poker table start in south Delhi. To More visit:-