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Informatica Course ContentTraning at learning hub Magarpatta city /FC Road Pune ( 91-93257-93756)   Informatica Course Content  Informatica Training CourseA. Informatica PowerCenter DesignerB. Informatica PowerCenter Workflow ManagerC. Informatica Power Center Workflow MonitorD. Informatica PowerCenter Workflow Repository ManagerE. Informatica Admin ConsoleA. Informatica PowerCenter Designer· Understanding Source and Target- Create new connection(ODBC, Oracle etc)- Create and import Source and Target- Understanding the use of Shortcut· Understanding the Transformation- Understanding Passive and Active Transformation- Create and use of below  transformation• Expression• Lookup(Connected and Unconnected)•Aggregrator,Sorter,SQ,Union,Joiner,Filter,Router,update startegy  etc· Understanding of use of Mapping- Design new mapping- Use transformation in the mapping-Debugg the mapping· Understanding of use of Mapplet- Design new mapplet- Use mapplet in the mapping-Advantage of the mappletB. Informatica PowerCenter Workflow Manager- Understanding of workflow- create and execute new workflow- Create new Task to execute the mapping- Understanding use of  connection at Source and Target- Understanding of task Session,event wait,email,Assigmnet etc- understanding how to Schedule the workflowC. Informatica PowerCenter Workflow Monitor- Monitor the job - understanding of run statistics of each job-understanding of Stop/Abort of running jobD. Informatica PowerCenter Workflow Repository Manager- Understanding use of Repository Manager- understanding migrate the job from environment to another environment- Check in check out a workflow- Understanding of creating new DGE. Informatica Admin Console-Understanding how to create a new user-Understating how to create a new folder-Understating how to provide a Role to a User. Please Contact- Learning Hub,S-12,Destination Centre,2nd Floor, Above HDFC Bank,Next to Noble Polyclinic,MAGARPATTA CITY,PUNE – 411013,PH: 91- 93257-93756.Skype id : learning.hub01Email: