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IBM Power 560 Express Servers on Rentals Bangalore provide greater bandwidth. The POWER6 processor is available at a frequency of 3.6 GHz. The Power 560 Express uses the POWER6 DDR2 memory architecture to provide greater bandwidth and capacity.

IBM Power 560 Express Specifications:
IBM POWER6 3.6 GHz processors 4-, 8-, and 16-core configurations
Up to 384 GB of DDR2 Memory.
Memory frequencies of up to 667 MHz
4 MB per core, 8 MB per dual core, 16 MB per feature.
32 MB per dual core, 64 MB per feature.
4 GB , 146GB , 300GB , 450GBSix 3.5″ SAS drives.
Up to six SAS DASD drives per CEC enclosure (12 maximum in CEC enclosures)
Up to 5.4 TB of internal CEC enclosure disk storage
Modular rack mount design with one or two CEC enclosures
Seven I/O expansion slots per enclosure (14 maximum in CEC enclosures)
Dynamic logical partitions — up to 160 per system (optional)
Integrated Virtual Ethernet ports — select from 1 Gb and 10 Gb options
Can be ordered with the AIX, IBM i, or Linux operating systems, individually or in any combination.

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