Electronic Door Lock


Saheb Pandit Individual

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With the help of this LOCK, you can open the door without going nearer to that. No need to come down unneccary through stairs or from else where. It is a very strong and heavy lock ( APx weight 2 kGs). Just pressing one switch from any where of your building,you can open the Door. This System can be used in any House, Office, Restaurants, Shops, Conference & Seminar Halls, and Hospitals Etc.

1. Saves unnecceray walking every time towards the gate.
2. Protects from burglary and other Harassments.
3. You can open the door lock by pressing switch from anywhere.
4. Saves the cost of GATEMAN


· · It can be opened by, manualy or by switch or through keys.

· Can be attached with Video phone for super security.

· Can be opened by our remote also. ( Excluded & optional)

· It is a boon for physically handicapped persons

· Ideal for bed-ridden patients and aged people.


1 Power Supply : 12 - 18 v AC/ Dc
2 Wattage : Less than 1 watt
3 Input Power Source : Dc or Ac 12 - 18v Adapter.( Excluded)
4 Power Resumption Status : 0n
5 On/Off Time : Instantaneous