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About 2016 – 2017 CFP Video Learning Kit

About Video Learning Kit (2016 – 2017 Version)

Dear CFP Aspirant (Regular & Fast Track Pathway),

We are happy to launch “Video Learning Kit (2016 – 2017 Version) of “Comprehensive FAST TRACK CFP” for Regular Pathway / Challenge pathway CFP Aspirants who may not able to attended the our Weekend or FAST TRACK CFP Training workshop due to time constraint or like to purse CFP at their own pace or living out of Mumbai.

In last 3 years, 71 participants have already successfully completed their CFP certification in Regular pathway or Challenge Pathway with good grades @ 1st attempt.

Contents of Video Learning Kit :

1) Training: As per Current Syllabus 03/03/2016 (100 hrs- 11 full days (9am to 7pm) Training workshop)

We have LIVE Recorded our 71st Mega Batch (8th to 11th March 2016) 11 full days Comprehensive FAST TRACK CFP Training Workshop – You can watch video & learn as an offline E – participant (without need of Internet) at home/office without leaving your desk and learn at your pace will take approx 200 hours with the Practice & Evening assignments.

Watch New Teaching Methodology Video:

Mr. Vishwanath Narayanan, Mumbai’s Leading Independent Financial Adviser shared his Success Story.

2) Latest updated high Quality Study material/Question Banks with solutions: (Soft Copy format 1000 MB Content)

Study books and workbooks for each module (500 Question per module), High quality Study Contemporary 500 question bank with detailed Solutions from A to E case Studies (2016 – 2017 ), 45 Sample Case Studies with Question bank with the solution, Short notes, and also learn to make handwritten customized Financial Plan Construction for yourself & your customer.

3) Post Training Supports:

Post Training Supports through Mail/phone/webinar till you complete your CFP for maximum 9 months from date of enrolment.

Note: Regular / Challenge pathway aspirant needs approx 25 to 35 hrs of post training supports ( One to One Queries / Doubt solving session) during 6 to 9 months period.
NET FEE of Comprehensive FAST TRACK CFP Video Training kit:

Regular / Challenge pathway Aspirant: Rs. 45,000/- (Fouty Five Thousand Only) Pay in 3 monthly installments of 15k

# Post Training Supports : 9 months from date of enrollment (1st password / session of Training) will be provided as part of FEE paid…We will charge extra FEEs for Post Training supports beyond 9 months from date of enrollment.

1. Rs. 5k for 1 Months ( Max. 5 hrs)

2. Rs. 10k for 3 months (Max. 10 hrs)

3. Rs. 15k for 6 months (Max 15 hrs)
Note1: Video Learning Kit is for an individual use and not to disseminate to anyone or upload any content on any websites… if any one disseminates offline/online for a fee or free will be a violation of the copyright act and liable for the legal action.

Note2: Video Learning DVDs will play only on Windows based OS (7 or 8 or 10 ) requires 4 GB RAM for better viewing and external speakers are required for better sound output.

Note 3: Video Learning Kit will be available limited period (Video 90 days and Solutions for max 9 months) and can access only on one PC/Laptop due to password protected and will require a PC / Laptop with external speakers)

Dispatch of kit: Once Fees received in Bank A/C, we will courier Set of 30 Video DVDs to your address.

The Video Learning Kit will help you to complete your Modules Exams (1 to 4) & Final/Exam5 @ 1st attempt with a good grade with required post training preparation.

Important message:

# Participant must invest min. 15 hrs per Week for 4 to 5 months for Challenge pathway and 6 to 9 months for Regular pathway to successfully complete their CFP certification with good Knowledge / Skill sets.

# If participant failed to invest time then will not extend our post training support and Ideally, he / she needs to attend repeate training either Classroom or Video Learning as per applicable fees.
Call now or Visit website www.TheCFPaspirantClubIndia.Com for more detail.

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