CASIO Graphic Display Calculator fx - 9860GII


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CASIO- FX -9860G II We are Channel Partner of CASIO INDIA for Graphic Calculators for entire India. The CASIO FX - 9860G II GDC is more users friendly & faster for quick calculations saying time in exams.USER FRIENDLY INTERFACE Integration graph, Inequality graphing, Table & Graph, Dual Graph, Dynamic Graph, Conic Section Graph, Recursion Graph, Statistical Regression Calculation, Advanced Statistical Calculation, Pie Chart, Factorials, Fraction, Logic Operation, Matrix Calculations, Complex Number Calculation, Statistical Plot, Numeric Equation, Data Communication. DISPLAYHigh Resolution Large 64 x 128 - dot display, New LCD backlight screen, Natural display shows expression & results exactly as they appear in the textbook. NATURAL OUTPUTNatural display shows expression & result exactly as they appear in the textbook. ECON2Student can use the data analyzer EA-200 to measure changes in temperature, sound, voltage (light) or speed with GDC fx 9860G II. eACTIVITYNow teacher as well as student can create their own problems & study materials. Students get the opportunity to learn at their own place for more efficient study both at school & at home. SPREADSHEETA multi-function spreadsheet with built-in graphing capabilities is a valuable tool for calculation lesson exercise. PHYSIUMThe physium add-in provides instant access to the periodic table of elements, whose data can be used in calculation. Often-use elements & atomic symbols can be quick & easy recall whenever you need them. GEOMETRYGeometry add-in software is design to make learning geometry fun. FINANCIAL CALCULATIONSDepreciation, Bond Calculation, Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Cash Flow, Amortization, Interest rate conversion,Cost,Selling Price, Day or Date Calculation.