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The Sun Blade 150 in Chennai is a cost-effective workstation for any office location. Solid options for the Sun Blade 150 include an imbedded 650MHz UltraSPARC IIe processor,
• 550-MHz or 650-MHz UltraSPARC® IIi processor with 512 KB L2 on-die cache
• Up to 2 GB of SDRAM memory with Error Correction
• Up to two ATA-66 80-GB, 7200-rpm hard disk drives
• 1394a (FireWire)
• Three PCI slots
• 10/100 BaseT Ethernet
• Sun™ PGX64 graphics on the motherboard
• Sun™ XVR-100 graphics accelerator supported
• Sun™ XVR-500 graphics accelerator supported
• SunPCi™ III coprocessor card supported
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