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Best Chemical Peeling Treatment AT Riyaanz Aesthetic, Hyderabad
Skin peeling is an age old, scientifically proven, safe method of skin rejuvenation. Skin Peeling is a medical procedure, which consists of application of certain products, after cleansing and degreasing face.
Peels are carefully chosen for your skin type and concerns. Peels can be used to treat various skin problems with different application methods.
Chemical peeling is useful in: Melasma,(dark circles), Skin Discoloration like Pigmentation due to Sun exposure (photo), Pregnancy, Birth control pills, Drug reaction, Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation, Superficial scars as a result of Acne, Freckles and Lentigenes, Fine wrinkles, Dilated pores.
Chemical peels can:
Improve depressed pits
Improve deep wrinkles
Gently polish the skin surface
Diminishes scar, acne marks and stretch marks
With Chemical Peels, a solution of one or more exfoliating agents is applied on the face to remove the rough upper layer of skin and to stimulate rejuvenation of new skin cells. The result: tighter, smoother skin that is relatively free of lines and blemishes.
Peel is applied over the treatment area (face/neck/back etc) with the help of brush or bud in a specific pattern. With every sitting, time of application of peel and concentration of peel is increased.
Aim of a peel is to remove the upper dead layer of the skin and unclogging the clogged pores, thereby giving a smooth, fresh, rejuvenated, young looking flawless skin. Peelings which are done for cosmetic purpose are superficial in nature. Deeper peels are done to remove the deeper layers of skin (epidermis and / or upper dermis) and are utilized in deep seated pigmentation, acne scars and for Anti-Aging purpose. Peels are extremely safe, if done under supervision of a trained dermatologist and are US FDA (Food & Drug Administration) Approved.

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