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Advance SAS Syllabus COURSE CONTENTTraning at learning hub Magarpatta city /FC Road Pune ( 91-93257-93756)   Advance SAS Syllabus   P A R T 1 SQL Processing With SASChapter 1: Performing Queries Using PROC SQLo PROC SQL Basicso Writing a PROC SQL Stepo Selecting Columnso Specifying the Tableo Specifying Subsetting Criteriao Ordering Rowso Querying Multiple Tableso Summarizing Groups of Datao Creating Output TablesChapter 2: Performing Advanced Queries Using PROC SQLo Viewing SELECT Statement Syntaxo Displaying All Columnso Limiting the Number of Rows Displayedo Eliminating Duplicate Rows from Outputo Subsetting Rows by Using Conditional Operatorso Subsetting Rows by Using Calculated Valueso Enhancing Query Outputo Summarizing and Grouping Datao Subsetting Data by Using Subquerieso Subsetting Data by Using Noncorrelated Subquerieso Subsetting Data by Using Correlated SubqueriesChapter 3: Combining Tables Horizontally Using PROC SQLo Understanding Joinso Generating a Cartesian Producto Using Inner Joinso Using Outer Joinso Creating an Inner Join with Outer Join-Style Syntaxo Comparing SQL Joins and DATA Step Match-Mergeso Using In-Line Viewso Joining Multiple Tables and ViewsChapter 4: Combining Tables Vertically Using PROC SQLo Understanding Set Operationso Using the EXCEPT Set Operatoro Using the INTERSECT Set Operatoro Using the UNION Set Operatoro Using the OUTER UNION Set Operatoro Comparing Outer Unions and Other SAS TechniquesChapter 5: Creating and Managing Tables Using PROC SQLo Understanding Methods of Creating Tableso Creating an Empty Table by Defining Columnso Displaying the Structure of a Tableo Creating an Empty Table That Is Like Another Tableo Creating a Table from a Query Resulto Inserting Rows of Data into a Tableo Creating a Table That Has Integrity Constraintso Handling Errors in Row Insertionso Displaying Integrity Constraints for a Tableo Updating Values in Existing Table Rowso Deleting Rows in a Tableo Altering Columns in a Tableo Dropping TablesChapter 6: Creating and Managing Indexes Using PROC SQLo Understanding Indexeso Deciding Whether to Create an Indexo Creating an Indexo Displaying Index Specificationso Managing Index Usageo Dropping IndexesChapter 7: Creating and Managing Views Using PROC SQLo Creating and Using PROC SQL Viewso Displaying the Definition for a PROC SQL Viewo Managing PROC SQL Viewso Updating PROC SQL Viewso Dropping PROC SQL ViewsChapter 8: Managing Processing Using PROC SQLo Specifying SQL Optionso Controlling Executiono Controlling Outputo Testing and Evaluating Performanceo Resetting Optionso Using Dictionary TablesP A R T 2 SAS Macro LanguageChapter 9: Introducing Macro Variableso Basic Conceptso Using Automatic Macro Variableso Using User-Defined Macro Variableso Processing Macro Variableso Displaying Macro Variable Values in the SAS Logo Using Macro Functions to Mask Special Characterso Using Macro Functions to Manipulate Character Stringso Using SAS Functions with Macro Variableso Combining Macro Variable References with TextChapter 10: Processing Macro Variables at Execution Timeo Creating a Macro Variable During DATA Step Executiono Creating Multiple Macro Variables During DATA Step Executiono Referencing Macro Variables Indirectlyo Obtaining Macro Variable Values During DATA Step Executiono Creating Macro Variables During PROC SQL Step Executiono Working with PROC SQL Viewso Using Macro Variables in SCL ProgramsChapter 11: Creating and Using Macro Programso Basic Conceptso Developing and Debugging Macroso Using Macro Parameterso Understanding Symbol Tableso Processing Statements Conditionallyo Processing Statements Iterativelyo Using Arithmetic and Logical ExpressionsChapter 12: Storing Macro Programso Understanding Session-Compiled Macroso Storing Macro Definitions in External Fileso Storing Macro Definitions in Catalog SOURCE Entrieso Using the Autocall Facilityo Using Stored Compiled Macros  Please Contact- Learning Hub,S-12,Destination 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